Alan Moe Monsarrat

Alan Moe Monsarrat was born in 1951 in Phenix City, Alabama. His parents were in the U.S. Army and he grew up in many different places. At age 13 (1964) he started singing with a band near Tokyo, Japan. After moving back to the states he joined a band in San Antonio, Texas. He started out as a singer and in 1968 he started playing bass as well. He started playing reggae in Hawaii in 1973 and was in the first Reggae band in Texas, The Lotions. He now performs with The Mau Mau Chaplains (every Wednesday at Flamingo Cantina) and Music4Life in Austin, Texas.

Music4Life Discography:

  • Only Jah Loves Them All feat. Phillipidon (2017)
  • Smooth Sailing (2018)
  • Under The Overpass feat. General Smiley (2018)
  • Agriculture feat. General Smiley (2020)
  • Perfect Friends (2020)
  • Amigos Perfectos (2020)
  • Agriculture album (November 2020)
  • What About You? (2021)

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