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Phillipidon – Wan’ You Come (Official Music Video)

Buy it here: Amazon & iTunes

Production Credits:

Lyrics and vocals: Philip White
Keyboards, bass, drum programming, engineering: R.J. Johnson
Guitar: Marc Schaefgen
Mixing: Steven Stanley, Kingston, Jamaica
Mastering: Chris Fischer, Critical 1 Studios, NYC

Phillipidon – Bounce It Up (Official Music Video)

Phillipdon’s latest single is Bounce It Up illuminates and illustrates a beautiful woman’s ability to captivate the attention of men through her tantalizing dance moves and transformative nature. The video for Bounce It Up was filmed in the Rose Town area of Kingston, Jamaica. Both, the video and single, were released on June 30, 2015.

But it here: Amazon & iTunes

Production Credits: 
Philip White: lyrics and vocals 
R.J. Johnson: keyboards, bass, drum programming, engineering 
Josh Mouton: guitar 
Steven Stanley: mixing and keyboards, Kingston, Jamaica 
Chris Fischer, Critical 1 Studios, NYC: Mastering 

Who Could Love Me Like That – Angel Austin

Who Could Love Me Like That is a song written and performed by Angel Austin when, after a long while, she heard “the music” again. It was shortly after meeting with local D.J., R.J. Johnson at North Austin Influencers Meetup, and being inspired by the conversation that he had with Angel and her husband, Kenneth, that this song was born. During this time, Angel also had a chance conversation with a friend from college. They hadn’t really talked in awhile, but for some reason, they connected while recounting all of the things they experienced in school; bad choices in men, promiscuity, exhibiting a great lack of self-love and self-respect, self-loathing due to being obese, and so much more. They also testified to each other about how their lives had changed; how they were no longer the sad, desperate women who longed for the approval of their fathers and who sought it out in men who weren’t good for them. As strange as it sounds, during the night after their conversation, the lyrics came to Angel. They literally woke her up in the early morning hours before dawn and the melody came. Angel grabbed her phone, sang what she heard, and emailed the lyrics and the audio to R.J. in the wee hours of the morning. R.J. took it and ran with it.

Production Credits:

Angel Austin: lyrics and vocals
R.J. Johnson: producer, keyboards, drum programming, mixing engineer, photography & graphics
Marc Schaefgen: guitar
Jimmy Blazer: bass guitar
Austin Kimble: keyboards, piano solo
Evan Hegarty: keyboards
Chris Fischer of Critical 1 Studios: mastering

Slip by Phillipidon

This is Phillipidon’s 2nd single for Music4Life. The song, Slip is about having sneaky fun with your girlfriend’s friend without letting her know, only to be caught, reprimanded and thrown out of her home, after her friend leaves.

Production Credits:
Philip White: lyrics and vocals
R.J. Johnson: keyboards, bass, drum programming, engineering
Marc Schaefgen: Guitar
Mike Franklin: background vocals
Steven Stanley: mixing, Kingston, Jamaica
Chris Fischer, Critical 1 Studios, NYC: Mastering

Intelligent Lady – new single from Jay Williams and Music4Life

Our new single, Intelligent Lady is out now on iTunes. This was a very exciting project as we added two crucial dub mixes, one I did and one done by Dartanyan “Green Lion” Winston from Detroit. Featured on the cover is the “intelligent lady” that inspired the song, Cindy Williams, who is Jay’s wife. You can download it here on iTunes


Production Credits:
Jay Williams: vocals, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, and lyrics
R.J. Johnson: drums, keyboards, photography & graphics
DJ-RJ and Green Lion: Mixing
Chris Fischer, Critical 1 Studios: Mastering
Melinda Quiroz with Elegance and Grace: Makeup and Hairstylist

Jay Williams – Can I Love You Forever

Our first single from Jay Williams is Can I Love You Forever.

Jay Williams is a veteran of the Austin music scene for more than 35 years. He has performed with The Killer Bees, and Tribal Nation and also has a full-length album called See The Light that was released in 2013.

It is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Jay Williams: vocals, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, and lyrics!

Production Credits:
Vocals: Jay Williams
Lyrics: Jay Williams & R.J. Johnson
Drum programming, keyboards, recording, photography: R.J. Johnson
Drum programming, keyboards, graphics: John Patterson
Guitars: Marc Schaefgen
Mixing: Steven Stanley @ Mixing Lab
Mastering: Chris Fischer, Critical 1 Studios

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