New Singles from Thriller U & Phillipidon

Our two newest singles are on The Weirdo Riddim, a full length release with 11tracks that will be released early 2017.

From veteran reggae singer Thriller U, Isn’t It Wonderful, is about the joy one feels when they are loved and and are able to love that person in return. It’s available now on Amazon & iTunes:

Our 4th single release from Phillipidon, Take It In Stride, reminds us that now is the time to act as we should, as stewards of our planet, even in the face of strong opposition; our duties being not only to take care of ourselves as human beings, but also the abundant animal and plant life sharing the Earth with us. The song has has two different mixes. One is done in Jamaica by Steven Stanley:

The other mix was done by Umberto Echo in Munich, Germany:

Both versions are available on Amazon & iTunes and all other streaming services as well and we thank you for supporting our work.

DJs who wish to have promotional copies can contact me through this website, or call or text 512-297-3575.

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