Smooth Sailing by Alan Moe Monsarrat

Smooth Sailing is our 2nd release from Alan Moe Monsarrat and was released on Friday, May 25, 2018. It was written by Curly Putman and Sonny Throckmorton, and Moe had this to say about the song:

“I’ve always loved the song and since Sonny is my dear friend I decided to cover a few of his tunes reggae style. This track has a definitive ‘80s dancehall rhythm with the beautiful melody floating above it. Sonny loves it and we hope you do too. I bet you could sing a baby to sleep with this one.”

This is the first release from a forthcoming tribute EP tentatively called Thank You Sonny that we’re working on.

Production Credits:
Alan “Moe” Monsarrat: lead vocals, bass and electric guitar
R.J. Johnson: keyboards and drum programming, recording and final mix
 Marc Schaefgen: ukulele
Mark Wilson: flute solo
JaRon Marshall: keyboards
Ras Gilbert: percussion
Kim Pollini: background vocals
Chris Fischer: Mastering

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