New single from Karina Nistal

Our latest reggae release comes from Houston’s own Karina Nistal and it’s called Heaven Inside. It will be available on all platforms on Friday, July 5, 2024.

Karina shared her thoughts on the song: 
 ““Heaven Inside” is an uplifting reggae anthem that radiates positivity and peace. With its vibrant rhythm and soulful melodies, the song invites listeners to find inner tranquility and joy. The heartfelt lyrics celebrate love, unity, and the divine spirit within us all, making “Heaven Inside” a perfect Summer soundtrack for those seeking harmony and happiness.”

RJ Johnson shared his thoughts on the song:
 “Heaven Inside comes from my daily meditation practice which I started doing during Covid and I have continued every day. So many of us have been looking outside of us for the answers, when we should look within and learn to trust in the blessings that God has for us. 
It was a joy to have legendary engineer Steven Stanley, one of my heroes, create the final mix at Mixing Lab in Kingston, Jamaica. This single is also being released on a 7-inch 45 single and will be available on the release date. I’m very proud of what our team put together on this project.”

Karina Nistal – lead vocals, background vocals

Alan Moe Monsarrat – bass guitar

RJ Johnson – keyboards, drums, engineering, background vocals
John Coupe – electric guitar

Jeremy Carlson – keyboards

Kim Pollini – background vocals

Fumi Sugawara – cover art design

Steven Stanley – final mix

Distribution by Zojak Worldwide

UPC: 195375567750

ISRC: QZPYN2471728

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