New Single from Phillipidon – Unda Spell

February 4, 2022
For Immediate Release
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R.J. Johnson
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Phillipidon - Unda Spell


(AUSTIN, TEXAS – FEBRUARY 4, 2022; source: Music For Life) – Austin-based record label, Music For Life along with Phillipidon release a new single: Unda Spell.

DJ RJ built this interesting two-part riddim in November of 2016 after he bought a new app on the Reason Store called, Republik Handheld Percussion. He loved the sound of the blocks in this app and began building the whole track on them using a 6/8 feel that he created. The rhythm track was originally named “Slide N Glide Riddim” and was created with two different sections each having a different rhythmic feel and drum pattern.

Philip sent the initial lyrics to RJ in February 2018 and they soon voiced it and began building out the rest of the track. Music4Life guitarist Marc Schaefgen put sweet soukous guitar grooves along with his usual skanking chops.  Dane Foltin, of Austin’s reggae band Lion Heights, laid down the heavy bassline and Kim Pollini added lots of spookiness with her harmonies and vocal effects. Austin’s Sacred Cowgirls’ violinist Marguerite Elliott put some sweet Irish vibes in the middle of the track. RJ’s partner, Jessica Sanchez, helped out on flute and Austin’s keyboard legend, Claude9, also added some screaming leads and rhythmic synth parts too.

Phillipidon had this to say about the song:

“My inspiration for writing Unda Spell was driven directly from the instrumental created by DJ R.J. The intro and the first two lines came instantaneously after listening to the music. I wrote this song as a tribute and testament to the wonderful, beautiful and sultry appeal of a very sexy woman. She is angelically hypnotic in her powerful, seductive yet surreal nature, as she illuminates every arena she ventures into; although her magical effervescence is subtlety tinged with a touch of deliciously, spicy cunningness.”

RJ Johnson adds: 

The song was mixed in Jamaica by Steven Stanley at Anchor Studios and we really appreciate him taking 3 trips to the studio to get this one balanced out and heavy. Chris Fischer handled the mastering from Critical 1 Studios in NY.



Philip White aka Phillipidon was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He is known for his gravelly-gruff voice, interlacing a few iconoclastic interjections, and weaving wanton mayhem amongst audiences with his impromptu outbursts during live performances. When he is not doing music, he is a college professor teaching anatomy, biology, and physiology at Houston Community College.


is run by producer and Austin radio DJ, @DJRJ. His bi-weekly radio program, Reggae Evolution, has been on the air on KAZI 88.7 FM since 1989 and he has been performing in Austin’s reggae scene since 1987 with many different bands.


  1. Unda Spell
  2. Unda Spell (Straight Mix)
  3. Unda Spell (Vocal Dub)
  4. Unda Spell (Dubstrumental)

Philip White / Phillipidon: vocals and lyrics
R.J. Johnson: keyboards, drum programming, acoustic guitar, recording engineer
Dane Foltin: bass guitar
Marc Schaefgen: electric guitar
Claude McCann: keyboards
Marguerite Elliott: violin
Jessica Sanchez: flute
Kim Pollini: background vocals
Steven Stanley: final mix
Chris Fischer: mastering
Graphic Design: Fumi Sugawara
Distribution by Zojak Worldwide

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RJ Johnson

512 297 3575 

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