New reggae single from Tom Robinson


March 25, 2022
For Immediate Release
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(AUSTIN, TEXAS – MARCH 25, 2022; source: Music For Life) – Saxophonist Tom Robinson releases reggae single with Austin-based record label, Music For Life: AFROTHERIA.
As musicians, we are always open and looking for ideas for new songs. An inspirational thought or hook can pop into our head when we least expect it. In August of 2019, DJ RJ was at the grocery store in Austin picking up a few items and heard a simple bassline in his head. He quickly sung it into the voice-memo app on his phone to get back to later. RJ developed the idea into a “Riddim” (rhythm track) and invited Tom to collaborate with him on the track as an instrumental. We created lead voicelines, and a melody for the chorus, using Tom’s arsenal of saxophones (alto, baritone, soprano and tenor). After listening to the initial recording, Tom said: “the track sounds like elephants parading across the landscape.” 

Afrotheria (from Latin Afro- “of Africa” + theria “wild beast”) is a clade of mammals, the living members of which belong to groups that are either currently living in Africa or of African origin: golden moles, elephant shrews (also known as sengis), tenrecs, aardvarks, hyraxes, elephants, sea cows, and several extinct clades. (from Wikipedia)

Tom and his girlfriend recently adopted a baby elephant and rhino through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust located in Nairobi, Kenya and Tom will donate part of the CD sales to them.
We are hopeful that this song will help raise awareness to the state of African wildlife and help efforts to protect their habitat and their continuing existence.

Texas native saxophonist, Tom Robinson, began playing trumpet at age 10 in the San Francisco Bay area. Upon returning to Corpus Christi,  Texas, in 1970, at age 15, he discovered the saxophone. The move to Austin in 1981, at age 26, opened many musical doors to perform, record and travel. Today residing in Austin, the release of the single, Afrotheria  marks his first solo effort.

That’s Tom above in the 80s with one of Austin’s early reggae bands, Pressure (2nd from left). Photo by Cooke Photographics.

RJ Johnson adds:
Tom and I started playing music together in 1989 in Root 1. We have shared many adventures together on the road doing gigs and recording. I’ve heard him blow many solos on saxophone over the years. This is our first collaboration together with him and I’m so pleased to present his first reggae single.
I’m a huge fan of instrumental music and I’m very excited to bring this one out to the people especially for all of the awareness that it will raise for this group of mammals. I believe it’s our responsibility to honor and protect Creation including our non-human brothers and sisters.
is run by producer and Austin radio DJ, @DJRJ. His bi-weekly radio program, Reggae Evolution, has been on the air on KAZI 88.7 FM since 1989 on Tuesday nights and he has been performing in Austin’s reggae scene since 1987 with many different bands.

photo by Andrew Carroll

Tom Robinson: alto, baritone, tenor and soprano saxophones
R.J. Johnson: keyboards and drum programming, recording engineer
Gordon Mulrain: bass guitar
Marc Schaefgen: electric guitar
James Fenner: Percussion
Ras G.: PercussionFumi Sugawara: Graphic Design
Chris Fischer: Mastering
Steven Stanley: final mix, backing vocal
Distribution by Zojak Worldwide


1 – Afrotheria

2 – Afrotheria (Sax Dub)

3 – Afrotheria (Dub)

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New single from Moe – Scandal Bag + Scandalous Dub

Alan Moe Monsarrat - Scandal Bag

For Immediate Release – March 11th, 2022


(AUSTIN, TEXAS – MARCH 11, 2022; source: Music4Life) – Austin-based record label Music For Life releases new reggae single, “Scandal Bag” from Alan Moe Monsarrat (Mau Mau Chaplains, The Lotions, I-Tex, Stop The Truck).

Alan Moe Monsarrat shared his thoughts on the concept of Scandal Bag:
“The whole idea intrigued me when I heard about it. In Jamaica, the shopping bags that you get at the market are all black and cannot be seen through and are commonly known as “scandal bags.” Everybody has things they don’t want everybody to know, but people will go to great lengths to find out what’s in your bag. As soon you say it to somebody, they get curious about what it could be. In my song, I’m using it as a metaphor for nosy people trying to get into your business.”

DJ RJ loved Moe’s idea for the song and a track Moe and I created called “Side Steppin’ Riddim” was the one we decided to use for this. Omid Aski Laridjani played Persian setar and added an exotic musical aspect that you don’t usually hear in reggae. This track is one of the singles from the forthcoming Music For Life various artists album release, Perfect Friends, coming later in March. 

You can buy or listen here on your favorite platform:


  1. Scandal Bag
  2. Scandalous Dub
Moe will perform this Wednesday, March 16th at midnight at the Flamingo Cantina here in Austin, Texas.


Alan Moe Monsarrat was born in the midst of mysterious and unbelievably bizarre circumstances in August of 1951. There were many babies such as Moe in Phenix City, Alabama, the town known at the time as “The Wickedest City in America,” babies were bought or stolen on a regular basis, then sold. Moe was raised as their own by his parents of record, George and Wilma Monsarrat. George was a distinguished military man and Wilma was a prominent local resident.
Moe grew up on military posts across the United States and in Japan. He
started down the path of public performance at a very early age, singing in the church choir. Having barely reached his teens, he was recruited by older members of a local band who heard him singing in the showers during gym class. Moe began playing Reggae in Hawaii in 1973 and later he co-founded the first reggae band in Texas, The Lotions. He now performs with The Mau Mau Chaplains and Music4Life in Austin. On April 20th, 2018 at Austin Reggae Festival, the Mau Mau Chaplains received a proclamation from the City of Austin declaring that day as “Mau Mau Chaplains Day” in Austin. They were recognized for doing more than 500 shows at their weekly residency on Wednesday nights at Flamingo Cantina for more than 10 years. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Moe continued to do his weekly residency with The Mau Mau Chaplains streaming through Facebook Live while all the clubs on Austin’s historic 6th Street Entertainment District we’re boarded up and closed. Moe’s fans spoke out recently when he was discussing his excitement about still playing on stage after so many years: 

“Your excitement is contagious! Another reason we love you.”


Music For Life is run by producer @DJRJ since 2014. RJ has been performing in Austin’s reggae scene since 1987 with many different bands. His bi-weekly radio program, Reggae Evolution, has been on the air on KAZI 88.7 FM every other Tuesday night from 7-10 PM since 1989.


Alan Moe Monsarrat – bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, , keyboards
RJ Johnson – drums, keyboards, programming, engineering, mixing
Marc Schaefgen – guitar, keyboards
Omid Aski Laridjani – setar
Mario Vela – percussion
Chris Fischer: mastering
Distribution by Zojak Worldwide

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For general press inquiries about Scandal Bag or Music4Life, please contact RJ Johnson:

RJ Johnson

512 297 3575 

New Single from Phillipidon – Unda Spell

February 4, 2022
For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
R.J. Johnson
512 297 3575

Phillipidon - Unda Spell


(AUSTIN, TEXAS – FEBRUARY 4, 2022; source: Music For Life) – Austin-based record label, Music For Life along with Phillipidon release a new single: Unda Spell.

DJ RJ built this interesting two-part riddim in November of 2016 after he bought a new app on the Reason Store called, Republik Handheld Percussion. He loved the sound of the blocks in this app and began building the whole track on them using a 6/8 feel that he created. The rhythm track was originally named “Slide N Glide Riddim” and was created with two different sections each having a different rhythmic feel and drum pattern.

Philip sent the initial lyrics to RJ in February 2018 and they soon voiced it and began building out the rest of the track. Music4Life guitarist Marc Schaefgen put sweet soukous guitar grooves along with his usual skanking chops.  Dane Foltin, of Austin’s reggae band Lion Heights, laid down the heavy bassline and Kim Pollini added lots of spookiness with her harmonies and vocal effects. Austin’s Sacred Cowgirls’ violinist Marguerite Elliott put some sweet Irish vibes in the middle of the track. RJ’s partner, Jessica Sanchez, helped out on flute and Austin’s keyboard legend, Claude9, also added some screaming leads and rhythmic synth parts too.

Phillipidon had this to say about the song:

“My inspiration for writing Unda Spell was driven directly from the instrumental created by DJ R.J. The intro and the first two lines came instantaneously after listening to the music. I wrote this song as a tribute and testament to the wonderful, beautiful and sultry appeal of a very sexy woman. She is angelically hypnotic in her powerful, seductive yet surreal nature, as she illuminates every arena she ventures into; although her magical effervescence is subtlety tinged with a touch of deliciously, spicy cunningness.”

RJ Johnson adds: 

The song was mixed in Jamaica by Steven Stanley at Anchor Studios and we really appreciate him taking 3 trips to the studio to get this one balanced out and heavy. Chris Fischer handled the mastering from Critical 1 Studios in NY.



Philip White aka Phillipidon was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He is known for his gravelly-gruff voice, interlacing a few iconoclastic interjections, and weaving wanton mayhem amongst audiences with his impromptu outbursts during live performances. When he is not doing music, he is a college professor teaching anatomy, biology, and physiology at Houston Community College.


is run by producer and Austin radio DJ, @DJRJ. His bi-weekly radio program, Reggae Evolution, has been on the air on KAZI 88.7 FM since 1989 and he has been performing in Austin’s reggae scene since 1987 with many different bands.


  1. Unda Spell
  2. Unda Spell (Straight Mix)
  3. Unda Spell (Vocal Dub)
  4. Unda Spell (Dubstrumental)

Philip White / Phillipidon: vocals and lyrics
R.J. Johnson: keyboards, drum programming, acoustic guitar, recording engineer
Dane Foltin: bass guitar
Marc Schaefgen: electric guitar
Claude McCann: keyboards
Marguerite Elliott: violin
Jessica Sanchez: flute
Kim Pollini: background vocals
Steven Stanley: final mix
Chris Fischer: mastering
Graphic Design: Fumi Sugawara
Distribution by Zojak Worldwide

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For general inquiries about this project, please contact RJ Johnson:

RJ Johnson

512 297 3575 

Live Music returns–homelessness in Austin getting worse

Last night, Jessica and I ventured deep into South Austin to hear Moe and The Mau Mau Chaplains perform at Sam’s Town Point. On the drive there, we drove under the overpass at Menchaca and Hwy 71. In 2018, this exact location is where we shot the video for Under The Overpass and it was shocking to see how a little over 2 years later this location is now full of homeless people. This became a touchy topic for many people in Austin after our City Council made it legal for people to camp in our city in 2018 and it will be on the ballot on May 1st to see if it will be overturned. I hope our local and state leaders can work together to find a solution that works for everybody without making our homeless people criminals.

During the event, you could really feel that people were so glad to be out and enjoying live music again after such a long absence from Covid. Here’s a clip of them performing Under The Overpass:

Time is Running out to Save Live Music Venues–moe featured on spectrum news

Music4Life artiste, Alan Moe Monsarrat and Flamingo Cantina owner, Angela Tharp were interviewed about the future of venues in Austin.

Alan Moe Monsarrat has played music his entire life and it is also how he makes his living. As the lead singer for the reggae band Mau Mau Chaplains, his live performances this year look much different.

“It’s difficult for people who’ve worked their whole lives to suddenly be told that they can’t work, and there’s nowhere to work, and there might not be anywhere to work after it’s over,” Monsarrat said.

His band’s usual spot, Flamingo Cantina in Austin, where they have a residency, has been closed since March. For now, the Mau Mau Chaplains have been live streaming performances every week through Flamingo Cantina’s Facebook page.

Angela Tharp, the owner of the venue said the streaming is one way they can continue serving patrons, as they have been bringing people together since 1991. She said she believes the Flamingo Cantina more than just a music venue.

“We’re kind of a community center, if you will, for like-minded people and people who love reggae and world and latin. It gives them a place to be themselves and celebrate life with other folks, and I think it’s got a healing factor to it, as well. I think after these last nine months of being closed, it’s been really a challenge for people to not have that live music aspect,” Tharp said.

You can watch the video and read the full article on their website.