Agriculture – New Single & Video from Alan Moe Monsarrat featuring General Smiley

Our new single from Moe will be released on Friday, July 10, 2020. The song is called Agriculture and features General Smiley.

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – JULY 10, 2020; source: Music4Life) – Austin-based record label Music4Life releases new reggae single, “Agriculture.” Alan Moe Monsarrat (The Lotions, I-Tex, Mau Mau Chaplains) and singer General Smiley (Studio One, 1/2 of “Michigan & Smiley”) have come together to encourage others to start growing their own food and decrease their dependence on commercially grown food. The video will be released on Friday, June 10th on the Music4Life YouTube.

Alan Moe Monsarrat was inspired to write this song based on a conversation with a Rastaman in Jamaica: “Some years ago, my girlfriend Angela and I were in Negril, Jamaica sitting in a seaside bar. The bar was playing a Mau Mau Chaplains CD on their system. While we were sitting there an elderly Rasta gentleman came by to say he loved it and we started to talk with him. Being well aware of the rampant hunger which exists there, I asked him why more people didn’t grow food in such fertile soil? The Rastaman told me the Christian preachers tell the people not to worry about doing that because “Jesus is coming and He will take care of them.” The Rastaman said the youths should get off the couch and do a likkle farmin’.”

“It’s been a long time since the people were fighting for the freedom of marijuana in Jamaica, so when it was finally decriminalized, I thought all I need is one acre to plant my own,” said General Smiley.

“When Moe brought me this concept, it really resonated with me. I know many of us have no idea how our food is produced. One of the ways we can help people take control of their diet and what they put into their body is to encourage people to connect to the Earth and grow their own food,” said Music4Life owner, R.J. Johnson.

This is the 2nd song that Moe and General Smiley have produced with Music4Life together after their 2018 song and video, Under The Overpass. Both songs will be included on Moe’s solo reggae album coming later this year from Music4Life.


Alan Moe Monsarrat: lead and background vocals, bass guitar, lyrics
Errol Bennett aka General Smiley: Vocals and lyrics
R.J. Johnson: keyboards and drum programming, background vocals, recording engineer, final mix, videography
Marc Schaefgen: guitar
Ras Gilbert: kette drum, cabasa, tambourine
Mark Wilson: saxophone
Micah Shalom: trumpet, trombone
Chris Fischer: mastering
Zach Jones: graphic design
Annie Spratt: photography
Zojak Worldwide: digital distribution
Shay & Tom Taylor: videography and video editing

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