New Single from Phillipidon – Time With You

Friday, May 6, 2022
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R.J. Johnson
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(AUSTIN, TEXAS – MAY 6, 2022; source: Music For Life) – Austin-based record label, Music For Life along with Phillipidon release a new “Lovers Rock” reggae single: Time With You.

In February of 2020, Philip came up to Austin to Music For Life and started working on this track with DJ RJ. It flowed out of Philip with no effort in one take and they went back and had to edit just a few things to finish it. From there they started to finish the rest of the track. Alan Moe Monsarrat from the Mau Mau Chaplains laid down a rock solid bassline—perfect for a Lovers Rock dance session. Jeremy Carlson from Lion Heights added some smooth keyboards to the track and a whole crew of vocalists on backgrounds, Kim Pollini, Jessica Sanchez, DJRJ and Marc Schaefgen. Guitars were covered by Marc Schaefgen and Steve Carter. DJ RJ added some harmonies on the DJ part at the end that came out real sweet and mixed it down for final delivery. This is a single from the forthcoming compilation album Perfect Friends coming later this year on the Music For Life label.

Phillipidon had this to say about the song:
“Time with You”, is a song that was created as a heartfelt plea from me to be with the woman that I love. I appeal to her to stay and to not walk away, although at this particular time we are going through some difficulties; having no doubts in my mind that the love that we share will only grow.


Philip White aka Phillipidon was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He is known for his gravelly-gruff voice, interlacing iconoclastic interjections, and weaving wanton mayhem amongst audiences with his impromptu outbursts during live performances. When he is not doing music, he is a college professor teaching anatomy, biology, and physiology at Houston Community College.


Music For Life is run by producer/engineer and Austin radio DJ, @DJRJ. His bi-weekly radio program, Reggae Evolution, is on the air on KAZI 88.7 FM (2nd & 4th Tuesdays, from 9 to midnight), focusing on Roots & Culture from now back to the 50s. His passion for reggae music includes building Riddims, writing and mixing and helping people get their projects done.


  1. Time With You

Philip White / Phillipidon: vocals and lyrics
R.J. Johnson: keyboards, drum programming, recording/mixing engineer
Alan Moe Monsarrat: bass guitar
Marc Schaefgen: electric guitar, background vocals
Steve Carter: electric guitar
Jeremy Carlson: keyboards, keyboard solo
Jessica Sanchez: background vocals
Kim Pollini: background vocals
Mario Vela: tambourine
Chris Fischer: mastering
Graphic Design: Fumi Sugawara
Distribution by Zojak Worldwide

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RJ Johnson

512 297 3575

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