Phillipidon – Special

The latest single from Phillipidon, Special was released on Friday, March 6th.

According to Phillipidon:

“Special is about a spunky, beautiful lady who’s like a breath of fresh air, and who constantly energizes your daily activities like a merry muse.”

The song Special has been featured in the live set of Music4Life for the last couple years. Releasing Special allows his international fanbase an opportunity to enjoy the song as well including his monthly performance at Jamaica Live concert series in Kingston. 

The riddim track was created by musician Marc Schaefgen and @DJRJ with Marc on bass and guitar and RJ handling keys, drums and engineering. Horns were provided by some of Austin’s finest horn players: Darren Conway on trombone (also a band member), Tom Robinson on saxophone, who we have worked with since the 90s, and Jeff Lofton, who’s been recognized several times by the Austin Chronicle as the jazz musician of the year.

Music4Life will perform Special with Phillipidon at the SXSW 2020 Reggae Day Party at Flamingo Cantina on Tuesday, March 17th at 5:00 PM with the Music4Life band, which also features one of Austin’s veteran reggae singers, Alan “Moe” Monsarrat of the Mau Mau Chaplains, formerly with I-Tex and The Lotions.

Production Credits:
Phillipidon (Philip White): lyrics, lead and background vocals
R.J. Johnson: keyboards, drum programming, background vocals, engineer, final mix
Marc Schaefgen: bass guitar, electric guitar
Angel Austin: background vocals
Alan “Moe” Monsarrat: background vocals
Trombone: Darren Conway
Trumpet: Jeff Lofton
Saxophone: Tom Robinson
Chris Fischer, Critical 1 Studios: Mastering

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