Take It In Stride – Phillipidon

Our 4th single release from Phillipidon, Take It In Stride, reminds us that now is the time to act as we should, as stewards of our planet, even in the face of strong opposition; our duties being not only to take care of ourselves as human beings, but also the abundant animal and plant life sharing the Earth with us. The song has has two different mixes. One was done by our favorite engineer in Jamaica, Steven Stanley. The other mix was done by Umberto Echo with Oneness Records from Munich, Germany.

Production Credits: 
John Patterson: keyboards and programming
R.J. Johnson: keyboards and programming, engineering 
Josh Mouton, Kris Brown, Paul Pollini: guitars
Umberto Echo: mixing 
Chris Fischer, Critical 1 Studios, NYC: Mastering
Art: Fuman Studios

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