Under The Overpass – Moe featuring General Smiley

Moe and General Smiley are attempting to convey the plight of so many elderly homeless people on the streets. It’s something we see too often. While solutions to this problem are difficult to devise and implement, it is our hope that our song will call attention to it and provoke positive change. The song was inspired by a woman named Shirley who is homeless in Austin and she is featured in the video which was released by Music4Life on October 19, 2018.

Production Credits:
Alan “Moe” Monsarrat: lead vocals, bass guitar
R.J. Johnson: keyboards and acoustic drums, recording engineer
 Marc Schaefgen: guitar
JaRon Marshall: keyboards
Mario Vela: percussion
Kim Pollini: background vocals
Chris Fischer: Mastering
Steven Stanley: Mixing

Big thanks to Ras Gilbert for linking us with General Smiley.

4 Comments on “Under The Overpass – Moe featuring General Smiley”

  1. I love this video telling a TRUE story that I see everyday while driving or parked. I often wonder whats the story behind the face? Love the moving chorus in this awesome song!! Moe your voice is smooth & captivating. I love this song!!

  2. Hey Zelda,

    Thanks for checking out our video and sharing your excitement. One of the women in the video is homeless, her name is Shirley and she inspired Moe to write this song.

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